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On-Campus Education

We don’t protect you from the world.

We prepare you to change it.

A Unity education prepares you for environmental leadership in a world where both the challenges and opportunities have never been greater.

We offer undergraduate degree programs that blend natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, combining classroom learning with hands-on research and experience. At our Flagship Campus in Maine, you’ll join a community of curious, creative, and committed learners dedicated to creating a better, brighter future for the world we share.

Program Finder

Explore what’s possible.

Discover what you can do.

Where do you want to go? And what do you want to accomplish? Find out how your interests match up with our sustainability-centered degrees and certificates.

Careers and Outcomes

Follow your curiosity

Realize your potential.

Reasons to choose Unity

You want different.

We can give that to you.


Average class size for on-campus classes.


Student-faculty ratio for on-campus classes.


Percent of students who live on campus.

The Unity Experience

  • Life on Campus

    Become a part of something great. Join a community of vibrant and diverse students who are committed to changing the world around them.

    We encourage you to read our residence life section to get a feel for where you could be living. After that, explore available student activities. From sports to beekeeping to movie nights, there’s rarely a dull moment on campus.


    All first-time students will take part in our TERRAIN learning model. In TERRAIN, you will take a unique approach to your first courses. You’ll go on expeditions with your cohort, listen to guest speakers in your residence hall, develop your leadership skills through a variety of activities, and collaborate to tackle real-world challenges.

    Learn more about this exciting integrated learning experience.

  • Application and Admission

    Applying to Unity is easy. First-time students only need to submit an online application (which is free!) and send us an official school transcript.

    Once you’ve applied, you’ll want to consider financial aid and scholarships. We offer up to $14,000 a year in merit scholarships, but we encourage you to also browse other funding opportunities.